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The BWFA believes in six steps in balancing the hoof: Leg length (making sure both legs are the same length), toe length (same angle from hairline to ground), natural angle (hoof keeping with the angle of the pastern), medial/lateral balance (making sure one side of the hoof is not longer than the other), symmetry (right side of the hoof matches the left side), and shoe in the center of the bony column. My goal is that when your horse's hoof strikes the ground, the concussion is absorbed all through the bony column.

I strive to provide exceptional personal service. When you have an appointment with me, I will be there on time. When you call me I will do my best to return your call within 24 hours. I will be happy to answer every question you may have, and if I can't answer it I will find the answer for you.

Pricing for Sound Horses:
 Basic Trim
 $40 (Minis $30, Drafts $50)
 Front Steel Shoes with Trim
 Starting at $80
 All Four Steel Shoes
 Starting at $120
 Aluminum Shoes
$30 Training Fee applies to horses that do not stand well

Other Services:
 Replace Lost Shoe
 Buff and Sealant
 Training to Stand for Farrier

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